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Note my inability to use an lj cut. ;p

So yesterday Haley was like 'hey Malia, I want a wallpaper of Mister Adam Lazzara' and of course Malia was bored so she was all like 'Ya sure whatever, I'll make you one.' But Malia had to wait for the pictures to use on the wallpaper and she had half a million icon bases in her computer harddrive and adobe was just sitting there so, she put it to good use and made crack!icons. Oh, and a wallpaper. 83
Oh btw, some of them might be offensive, so blahblah if you have a problem with them eh..Well I sorta don't care seeing as I just made these for personal use.
Use them if you want, credit not needed but liked.

4 Adam Lazzara crack!icons [& 1 wallpaper]
1] 2] 3] 4]
WALLPAPER ;; Click hurr, kthx

3 Brendon Urie crack!icons
1] 2] 3]

1 William Beckett;;1 Ryan Ross crack!icon
1] 2]

Great fun, great fun
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