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Say whut, now?

Thats wack

Say whaa? Icons.
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Tryin' ta catch us ridin' drrty??

saywhut_icons is a graphics community made mostly for icons; not just any icons, but funny ones. Anything that will give a good laugh is welcomed here. We don't care if it's rude, crude, offensive, or just purely hilarious--we accept it all. The stupider > the funnier > the better.
Even paint icons win.

So if you enjoy making silly icons that have to do with guys molesting eachother, animal manips, or anything that just isn't a normal icon, join and share your creativity! (Once again, it's a free for all--if someone makes fun of a band or person, there's no getting pissy over it).

We will not tolerate fighting between members, spamming, or anything not really related to funny gifs, movies, or icons.
We're pretty leniant though (due to extreme laziness).

Please make sure all your icon posts are under cuts (otherwise it's just fuckin annoying).

Anything else... i'll think of later.